It is this passion for education ,that made PratiNidhi’s English Academy, a reality. The love  and passion to not only teach English, but also to inculcate a love for English language, to share ,to change and to grow as an individual .It is what we sincerely believe in– — “Progress, Evolve ,Achieve.”

Once the process of learning starts, it leads to progress, evolution and achievement of goals.


Our Motto-

“To strive ,to seek ,to find……. and not to yield.”

Our Areas Of Focus-

Teaching English to –

Develop Communication skills.

Make interaction in English easy and interesting.

Boost the morale and enhance self-confidence of students, and enable them to face  all kinds of situations.

Our Aims-

Enhance knowledge of English language.

Promote the role and importance of English in everyday life.

Make learning interesting, fun –filled and motivating , through Audio –Visual Aids ,Role  Plays etc.

How we work-

Assisting and enthusing students through subject –based activities, that are relevant to learning English.

Encouraging our teachers to develop, explore and share their own expertise and experiences.

Our Beliefs-

We believe that teachers are the key to a great future, and can open the doors to great opportunities and possibilities .Therefore we have the best teaching faculty; our teachers are University Toppers, very well qualified and adept in their subject.
That’s why we are committed to making high quality and enjoyable learning available to all.

Our Favourite Quote-

“Love what you do .There’s always going to be someone else who’s smarter than you, but there’s no substitute for passion. People who are passionate always work the hardest, and that’s what sets them apart.”

Our Courses-

Beginners Level

Elementary Level

Intermediate Level

Eloquence Level

Personality Enhancement

Corporate Training

Business English